We recommend that you use the Help (tap '?' on each page) in the CareKii app. It contains more detailed information, and you can get instant instructions from the app.
How to get started?

1) Charge your CareKii before first use to active it.

2) In the CareKii app, choose a function you want to use first. Follow the instructions to register your CareKii to your phone.

3) Follow the instructions in the app to attach CareKii to the right place.

4) On the function page (such as Drink Reminder, Break Reminder, etc.), you can tap '?' to get familiar with the app interface (what do all the buttons mean) and other information you need to know.

5) On the function page, tap Setting (the gear symbol) to adjust CareKii to your preferred parameters (such as Vibration or Sound interval, etc).

6) Close settings and CareKii will start to function at a preset time to remind you to drink water, stay upright or take a break, etc.

About CareKii charging

1) If you have just received CareKii, you must charge it before use. When leaving the factory, CareKii is turned off. Putting it on the wireless charger will turn on CareKii.

2) Connect the wireless charger to a USB port, and the LED light on the charger will blink twice.

3) Place CareKii in the center of the charger, the blue LED light on CareKii, and the blue LED on the charger will remain lit. If the green LED light on the CHARGER is blinking, please remove CareKii, then unplug the charger and plug it in again, and put Carekii back in the center of the charger.

4) When the battery of CareKii is fully charged, the blue LED on CareKii will turn off, but the LED on the charger will remain lit until CareKii is removed from the charger.

5) During charging, the LED light on the charger may change from blue to green, which indicates that the internal temperature controller has been activated.

6) The time to fully charge the battery depends on many factors, such as the amount of power remaining in the battery, the ambient temperature, etc. The higher the ambient temperature, the longer the charging time, because the charging temperature must be limited internally to protect the battery. From an empty battery to fully charged, it usually takes 2-4 hours.

7) Charge CareKii when the battery is low. Find battery level in the CareKii app or through CareKii Gestures (refer to the help below for using CareKii Gestures).

Information you need to know

1) CareKii has direction, please see images below. Installing it in the wrong direction may cause problems.

2) Charge your CareKii before first use to activate it.

3) Before the battery is exhausted, charge CareKii to avoid losing data and affecting the battery life.

4) Once you enter a function, CareKii will be used for that function. For example, if you enter Drink Reminder and connect to a CareKii, this CareKii will only be used as a drink reminder. If you want it to function as a slouch reminder, you must enter Slouch Reminder and connect the CareKii, and then it will function as a slouch reminder.

5) If you have more than one CareKii, you need to register all of them to your phone.

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Download the CareKii app from the link or search for "carekii" in the app store to download